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Group Reiki events are available twice a month to help align your life with the natural rhythms of the earth, synchronized with the lunar cycle.


Sessions are designed to be an easy, proactive approach to self-care, to help you maintain balanced chakras and overall energetic health. There is no call to join during the event, giving you the flexibility to create your own setting to receive Reiki.


How group sessions work:


  1. Sign up for the event and provide your intention. This helps direct the energy work process towards what you want to achieve.

  2. On the date of the event, instead of joining a live call, you create your own tranquil space wherever you are to receive Reiki.

It's a lighter amount of energy healing compared to a 1-on-1, so you can engage in more physical activities during or after.

Free Group Reiki session Saturday September 30, 2023 

This is a general energy balancing session for releasing and rest. You'll receive 1-hour of Reiki starting at 7pm PST.


Please note that I am not a medical professional and do not provide medical advice. Reiki is a complementary therapy and should not replace traditional mental or medication therapy. Reiki is a subjective experience that is widely considered safe.

I provide services only to those who schedule directly and are 21 years or older. Please see Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before booking a treatment.

Group Reiki is an easy self-care approach in maintaining both physical and unphysical energy levels. It’s a light amount of distant energy work that can provide a sense of peace and clarity.

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