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Wellness in Web3

Crypto, blockchain, and NFTs make web3 go round and round while creating an overwhelming amount of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


Available on the Stacks blockchain, the Wellness in Web3 NFT collection aims to support web3's spiritually conscious players by making alternative wellness accessible and affordable with Virtual 1-on-1 and Group sessions. 


Discover the power of Reiki, a traditional Japanese form of energy work, to achieve peace of mind and maintain balanced chakras in a turbulent industry. 

NFT exclusive benefits

  • 🗓️ Priority scheduling

    • Book an appointment outside of normal hours 24/7 365

  • 🫡Personal energy worker at your service 24/7

    • Questions about your chakras? Reach out anytime via email or text​

  • 👥 Free monthly group Reiki session for 2 and your pets

    • Must all be in the same location at the time of session

  • 🏷️ Up to 30% off retail value

    • Highest discounts available only through the Wellness in Web3 NFT collection


  • 😌 Balance

    • 1 month x 4 sessions (value $240) 

    • 3 months x 12 sessions (value $720) 

    • 1 year x 52 sessions (value $3,120) 

  • 😊 Clarity

    • 1 month x 8 sessions (value $480) 

    • 3 months x 24 sessions (value $1,440) 

    • 1 year x 104 sessions (value $6,240) 

  • 😇 Enlighten

    • 1 month x 12 sessions (value $720) 

    • 3 months x 36 sessions (value $2,160) 

    • 1 year x 156 sessions (value $9,360) 


See full terms and book a free consultation to see if these services are right for you


Please note that I am not a medical professional and do not provide medical advice. Reiki is a complementary therapy and should not replace traditional mental or medication therapy. Reiki is a subjective experience that is widely considered safe.

I provide services only to those who schedule directly and are 21 years or older. Please see Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before booking a treatment.

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